Trust approve updated Business Plan

At its Board Meeting on 25th May 2017 the Trust agreed an updated to the Business Plan, which will guide our activities during 2017/18. The Plan includes progress on the key tasks we set ourselves last year and establishes some new activities for this coming year including:

•  Develop initiatives to help members become more engaged in lobbying for the project

•  Promote the Waterway Park as strategic infrastructure in the Marston Vale

•  Submit funding bids for Mark the Route

•  Support funding bids for the Head of Navigation

•  Produce new Vision material to support the project

•  Meet with the APPG to seek both local (Parish and Town Council) and wider regional stakeholder support

•  Review the potential for commercial projects along the route

•  Work with the Consortium to update the A to Z

There will be an update on the Business Plan at the AGM on 27th June”