How it will happen

The B&MK Waterway Consortium plans to make a reality of the waterway through a large number of small projects phased over an extended timescale, within the framework of an overall waterway vision and design.

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Our neighbouring restoration projects - the Cotswolds Canals and the Wendover Arm - are good examples of how this think total - build piecemeal approach is already being successfully applied in other projects.

Over a period of 10-20 years, the aims for the Trust and the Consortium are to:

  • establish a line for the waterway in all relevant local, regional and national plans
  • create agreed design standards
  • develop a sustainable plan for the long term future of the waterway
  • construct the waterway in small sections over an extended timescale, as opportunities and funding become available
  • pass the maintenance of the waterway to partners with relevant expertise
  • promote public and volunteer involvement in planning, design, construction, maintenance and long term development of the waterway.

Up to 20 years may seem like a long time, but it is in line with other restoration schemes and with the plan to create the Forest of Marston Vale through which the waterway will pass.

The following page describes the B&MK Waterway Consortium, and current information about the Consortium's work is available on their website.