The B&MK Folk Song

Folk duo Life and Times have written and recorded a song about the project. Please find below The B&MK song, with chorus performed by Marston Vale Middle School, whilst watching waterway images conveying some of our vision and design ideas.

Here are the words to the B&MK song.

The B&MK


They're bringing the cut to the town;
They'll be bringing the boats from the Grand Union way.
May the doubters, their sorrows, all drown
When we welcome the boats on the B&MK.

1. When first the proposal was made
There was mad old King George ruled the land.
After two hundred years in the shade,
It was just as John Rennie had planned:
From Bedford, a waterway, new
To stretch to the Grand Union way.
So let's give all the credit that's due,
A success to the B&MK.

2. To the east, from the Union Canal
The B&MK takes its course.
Past Willen and Broughton it shall
Its beauty and power enforce.
By Aspley and Ridgmont will go
And climb over Brogborough Hill,
Then down to the lakes it will flow
To prove of the navvies' great skill.

3. Through Lidlington, 'cross Marston Vale
And onward to Wootton shall pass.
How broad the canal is in scale;
All others, this cut, will surpass.
With Kempston, at last, within sight
And onward to Bedford will run,
The waterway's future is bright,
When the B&MK is all done.

Copyright Graeme Meek 2008